In this wild myriad Of lies and truths Living life entangled In a web of Lies and truths. In this life Of contrasts I find my calm I find my peace. Copyright- Aditya Semwal ----------------------------------------------------------- Let's Talk! Hey there, Inspired by my blogging friend Accidental Blogger I have started this section. Let's communicate and talk,... Continue Reading →

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #7 : Everyday Moments

This week Amy from The World Is A Book challenges us to capture Everyday Moments Everyday moments may be considered to be boring, but notice closely there's a charm in each one. Some very ordinary images from my not-so-ordinary life-

Truly Free?

Its 15th August today, which means Independence Day for India. After spending the whole day listening to speeches by politicians, who rather than reminding us of our freedom, keep listing their government's achievements my mind was buzzing with ideas on democracy, nationalism et al. But no matter how much we listen to such speeches, or... Continue Reading →


What? Writer's Block. Staring at me right in the face. Life is passing me by. Or rather, my thoughts are. So much to write about. Nothing posted. This week has been pretty uneventful. Firstly, I wasn't able to update my entry for the Lens-Artists due to continuous network errors which I can happily blame on... Continue Reading →

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Soft

This week, Tina Schell from Travels and Trifles invites us to visualise something soft. Softness, or rather being soft is a qualty that doesn't get the credit it deserves.Softness doen not mean weakness. Being soft means that you can absorb any blow life gives you.Being soft means being able to adapt. To heal, to love,... Continue Reading →

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