Expressing Unexpressed Feelings#1

Ever felt as if though a truckload of 100-ton bricks fell on you?                                                                             The same thing happened to me.                            

I still can’t come to terms with the fact that today was my last official day in Grade 8. Yeah, my exams are over now, so I can pay more attention to my blogging and writing since I have virtually nothing to do the whole day. However, as soon as stepped out of the examination room, I felt as if though that truckload of 100-ton bricks fell on me.         

 And those bricks were made up of memories.                               Eighth Grade was mammoth for me. The academic year began in April, with me being sorted into the same section as my crush. There wasn’t much special going on in the initial months. I got rejected for the student council even though I was one of the top contenders, and then an extremely uneventful summer came into my life.

Seems normal, right?

It was after this that my life changed.

Out of the blue, July suddenly came waltzing into my life. Yes, my boring and unhappening (till then) life. I started my blog. Then there was an audition for a debate and since I’m really passionate about all co-curricular activities which give me a chance to expand my horizons of learning, I participated in it. I really didn’t expect to get selected because there was an exodus of speakers from my class (though most of them were mediocre) and there were two or three staff-children (teachers’ kids, towards whom everyone was partial). I was really shocked when I got selected along with another staff-kid. The debate wasn’t that great, though- there was a lot of partiality, our rebuttals were scripted by the teachers-in-charge and everyone’s content was just border-line (except mine, of course!). I came second. The staff-kid came first, naturally. But I really considered it as a victory when one of the judging teachers took me aside and said “In my eyes, you’re the real winner.”

That was just the starting.

A literary organisation came visiting to our school, and I was the only person who got to read his poetry up on the stage in front of the whole school! And then, there was this state-level quiz for which I got picked up without any prior selection. We couldn’t get selected for the final round, but still it was a great learning experience. I had also submitted a project on Biodiversity to FRI (Forest Research Institute) for which I was invited to the International Biodiversity Congress. Then I went for two quizzes back-to-back where we came fourth and got a consolation prize respectively.

By then, I guess I had made quite a splash because people began to consider me as a ‘knowledgeable guy’ and even the teachers began to favour me a lot. The best part- it wasn’t over yet.

In December, I participated in the selection for my school’s Quiz Club for classes 8-12, and to my IMMENSE shock, I came first out of all the kids who took it. In the second and final test for the Club, I came second, becoming a member of the Quiz Club.                                                                       In early February, we again went for a quiz and missed on the top spot by just a few points.

It was also during this period that I became the Editor of our “Class Newsletter”. You might be confused about this, so allow me to explain. In our school, we have an Annual magazine and a Tri-Annual Newsletter, Both managed by separate Editorial Boards headed by separate Editors from Grades 11 and 10. So, the initiative of ‘Class Newsletter ’was initiated to train us better for this. Our newsletter, titled ‘Youthphoria’ was highly appreciated.

On the relationships front, this year was phenomenal for me. There was this girl in my section, the one I told you about, and even before I knew it I had developed a HUGE crush on her, maybe because when true love happens, it happens even before you know it. What was more, we became great friends, and hopefully there will be more things to follow in the future….       

I made great friends, and found people who I could completely trust upon. People, who would keep my deepest secrets, people who would always help me when their help was needed. I found people, with whom I could shed all my inhibitions and be myself. I found a sort-of soul-brother in a senior. I found true friends who could always lift me out of my random bouts of depression, and ‘feeling low’ (Yeah, I’m a very emotionally unstable person. I over-analyse things and even the smallest thing makes me go crazy like hell. Even though I’m not that nervous, I take a lot of stress and tension. I form my own conclusions for even people’s harmless statements, and thus I find it quite hard to rest easy) I found people who truly understood me. I found friends for life.

Thus, Grade 8 was certainly a re-invention of sorts for me. I met great people, became familiar with my crush, became better both emotionally and mentally and grew into a hundred-fold better person. This wasn’t without its setbacks, though. Often, things happened that forced me to give up, but thanks to all the people I have already mentioned, I took on life with a fresh outlook.

This post is getting too long, so I’ll end by quoting Oscar Wilde-

                                                                                                                ‘Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world’

Let’s Talk!                                                                                                 If any of you over here wants to talk about anything from hopes, aspirations, fears, achievements, love, life, philosophy, or just any random thing, I’m here for you! Let’s talk and share our feelings, we’ll all be better for the experience!                                                                                   Concept Inspired from Accidental Blogger                                                      Do check out his blog, it’s great!

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(Now I’ll hopefully try to write regularly, and on my life too!)

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