It was the same old road down which he walked. Autumn was out, in all its glory. It was evident, in the way the path was scattered with fallen leaves that winter was not far away. The ants had had toiled, the grasshoppers had danced, and now, summer was coming to an end. The... Continue Reading →

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A note to all my readers

Hi. As you guys might've noticed, I haven't been writing for a few months. The fault is entirely mine. I was busy with my exams, and found myself facing writer's block when they ended. So, I made a new blog, Aditya Thinks Aloud that would cover my political views and opinions. I'll mainly be blogging... Continue Reading →

Expressing Unexpressed Feelings#1

Ever felt as if though a truckload of 100-ton bricks fell on you?                                                                             The same thing happened to me.                             I still can’t come to terms with the fact that today was my last official day in Grade 8. Yeah, my exams are over now, so I can pay more attention to my blogging and writing... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Beginnings…

Hey, Blogosphere! Its been two months since my last blog post, and so for those of you who were missing me, I am back to mainstream blogging! the reason for my rather long absence was.... well,see for yourself, 'cause I was smitten with THIS! (and have read just the first two parts, the third is... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, just sometimes in life When you've given up hope Things turn around All you wished for, Comes true And you come to accept Sometimes, just sometimes, Miracles in life do happen.❇ Copyright Aditya Semwal ----------------------------------------------------------- Unauthorised used of this site's content is prohibited qithout prior permission of the author. Excerpts may be used with... Continue Reading →

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